Blocked drains & blocked pipes


How do we carry out drain clearance to your blocked pipes or blocked drains?

Having the right tools for the task of drain cleaning services. It might require something simple such as drain rods or drain snake to clear the blocked drainage pipe, a more difficult blocked drain outside a house may require our high pressure drain jetting water jet to provide a clear drain. Once we’ve located the blocked drainage pipe or blocked sewer pipe and determined the problem the unblocking of the sewer pipe or drain pipe clearance can get going promptly and on the spot as we have the right equipment for 99% of drain cleaning services. We even arrive with our own water tank to supply our on board drain jetting drain clearance pipe unblocked, unblocking sewer pipe and leave you with a clear drain – for the best value for money across the Midlands.

What causes blocked drains and blocked sewer pipes?

  • In Most drain clearance situations it’s simply a result of the build-up of what’s gone into the drain:
  • Oils & grease,
  • Silt & leaves or other organic debris

Foreign objects, often items flushed down a toilet, which cause a blocked waste pipe toilet or blocked toilet drain.

  • cotton swabs, diapers,
  • wipes & tampons
  • condoms

Just a few objects that end up requiring our blocked drain services to list but a few items we find in a blocked toilet drain. For more detailed information on maintaining a clear drain prevention is better than blocked drainage pipe or blocked sewer pipe problems the advice our drain specialist will give you can be read on our blog post here…….. maintenance-of-drains-and-septic-tanks-the-dos-and whats off limits

Lastly a blocked drain outside a house can be pipe or sewer defect, a structural defect or blocked drainage pipe breakage caused by tree roots growing through a sewer pipe, corrosion of drain pipe joints, collapsed clay drain pipe or subsidence all common occurrences that lead to a blocked sewer pipe. Rest assured Nolan Drain cleaning Westmeath are drain clearance & blocked drain services professionals.

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